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Small Catechism

Series I


Includes Reprintable:

* Lecture Notes
* Student Guides
* Quizzes
PDF Format Only

Series One Lesson Topics

Online Catechism
Series II

Sixteen 1-2 page summaries
of the teachings of Luther's Small Catechism.

Features on-line, auto-correcting quizzes that may be emailed
to student, instructor, and others.
(Also available in printed format)

Series Two Online Lesson Topics


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Lesson Plan
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Series I and Series II

Now Completed!
Series I Updated & Expanded!

A Truly LUTHERAN Learning Experience Through The Six
Chief Parts.

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How To Get Confirmands In
Church & SS

An Effective Tool To Encourage
Spiritual Growth & Participation In Worship
And Ministry During Confirmation


New Testament Bible Summaries
An Easy And Effective Way To Encourage Confirmands
To Begin Enjoying Bible Reading!

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Luther's Small Catechism:
An Abbreviated Version Of
Luther's Small Catechism
To Help Youth or Adults Review Or Refresh
Their Knowledge Of Lutheranism


Welcome To

Lutheran Confirmation Is On-Line!

This excellent resource is just what Lutheran pastors and catechetical instructors have been waiting for. An on-line confirmation resource for youth and adults alike. Lessons are simple, straight-forward and easy-to-understand. Quizzes and Presenter Outlines are also laid out in a simple, easy-to-use-and-follow format.

Developed by Rev. Thomas F. Fischer, an active LCMS clergyman, provides very busy youth with an enriching on-line confirmation experience. Visit the Sample Curriculum page to see the curriculum as well as sample resources for each topic.

Confessional Theological Base

The website is designed to cover all six chief parts of Luther's Small Catechism. The Confessional base used makes this resource an excellent tool for conservative Lutherans in LCMS, WELS, ELS, and other Confessional Lutheran denominations.'s conservative, Confessional approach to Scripture, adherence to the absolute authority and verbal plenary inspiration of Scripture, and it's Biblically-based approach relative issues such as abortion, euthanasia, marriage, homosexuality, the Sacraments and other contemporary issues help give unwavering confidence in this resource to bring up children--and adults--in the Christian Faith.


Each unit provides the basic teachings of the Small Catechism and includes...

  • Excerpts from Luther's Small Catechism,

  • A brief overview of the main points of the Small Catechism,

  • Relevant Bible verses relating to the topic

  • Suggested links for further information

  • Review questions at the end of each unit, and

  • Online quizzes for student review.

About The Author

Rev. Thomas Fischer, M.Div., M.S.A., is Pastor of Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA. He has served as a Pastor in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod since 1984. Pastor Fischer has other websites to support various aspects of ministry including his highly acclaimed Ministry Health website, Ministry Health Sermons and Creative Hymns Fischer is currently writing an online daily lay commentary which keeps his congregation-and others--growing in the Word of God. Visit for more information.

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Feel free to contact Thomas F. Fischer, at or 1-248-495-3723.
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